The OPTIFAST® meal replacement program is a comprehensive, behaviour-based model. It is a weight management program that allows for positive results in areas of:

  • weight loss
  • average decrease in total cholesterol
  • reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • and a decrease in waist circumference

Weight loss is maintained over time for patients following a weight management program. Overall health for those undergoing weight loss surgery can make a difference before, during and after such surgery.

Purpose of the OPTIFAST® Program

The programs are for those who are overweight, people of most ages, teens and people who plan to undergo weight loss surgery and people who experience medical problems caused by their weight may also benefit from the program.

Importantly these are comprehensive programs, which means that doctors, psychologists, and other health professionals are involved in the weight reduction journey of each person enrolled in the OPTIFAST® system.

OPTIFAST® is based on well-researched treatment approaches, and provides lifestyle education, personalized support, and portion-controlled formulas to develop and maintain a healthy new weight and lifestyle.

The program structure

  • Initial medical and lifestyle evaluation, then ongoing medical monitoring of health while losing weight
  • Counselling to develop the lifestyle, nutrition, and activity to manage your new weight long term
  • A formula-based, predominantly liquid diet for active weight loss, followed by a gradual resumption of healthier, self-prepared foods
  • Planned and maintainable regular physical activity

The three OPTIFAST® phases

  • Active weight loss
  • Transition
  • Maintenance