The CDE-OPTIFAST® Weight Loss Programme is based on a very low-calorie diet (VLCD), which provides roughly 800 kcal of energy per day for the first 8 weeks. This is less than half the calorie content of a conventional weight loss diet used in overweight or obese individuals. OPTIFAST® is clinically proven to help you achieve significant weight loss (After 26 weeks on the OPTIFAST® Programme, men and women lost an average 25% of their starting body weight).

The CDE-OPTIFAST® Programme is a structured nutritional and behavioural change programme developed by leading experts and supported by medical professionals.

The Programme consists of 3 Phases to assist you on your weight loss journey:

Phase 1: Intensive Phase – During the first 8-week intensive phase, scientifically formulated shakes are taken three times daily as a meal replacement, together with 1 teaspoon of oil daily and low-carb vegetables and salad as desired. On joining the CDE-OPTIFAST® Programme, you may require a visit with a medical practitioner based on an assessment of your health risks – laboratory tests may also be required. If you are on chronic medication, this may need adjustment, as OPTIFAST® has been shown to reduce the dose requirements of some medications. You will then also be referred to a CDE-OPTIFAST®-trained dietitian for a baseline consultation. After the initial assessment, the dietitian will explain the dietary aspects of the Programme, and you will receive sufficient OPTIFAST® Shakes. Suggested follow-up consultations for support and education will occur with us at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 8 weeks.

Phase 2: Food Reintroduction phase – At the 8-week dietitian consultation, we will teach you how to reintroduce food into your diet. During this phase, your calorie intake will be provided by 2 shakes with 1 calorie-controlled meal daily for 2 weeks or more, followed by another 2 weeks of 1 shake with 2 calorie-controlled meals daily. This process prevents weight regain.

Phase 3: Weight Maintenance – At the 8 Week dietitian consultation, we will provide you with weight maintenance strategies. These can be supported by either 1 shake a day long-term or using the shake intermittently. Evidence has shown that using a shake is an effective weight maintenance strategy (-3.9 kg), even more so than exercise (-0.8 kg) (without negating the many other positive effects of exercise for health and cardiovascular risk reduction). At 6 months, you will see us for support and education – your weight maintenance will also be assessed at this visit. At this time, you may see your doctor as part of your regular medical follow-ups, if your medication needs to be adjusted (e.g. in diabetes and hypertension).

CDE-OPTIFAST® Trained Dietitian: